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ARE SLP Services Right For You?

  • Are you having any trouble:
    -at school?
    -at work?
    -at home?
    -in the community?
    -engaging in conversations or being an active communicator?

    -talking on the phone?
    -completing familiar tasks?
    -completing household errands?
    -using the computer?
    -with debilitating headaches?
    -with light or noise sensitivity? 


  • Do you feel:
    -constantly tired, drained and fatigued?
    -sad, mad, angry or unmotivated?
    -anxious and lost?


  • Are you experiencing any of the following communication changes:
    -difficulty concentrating
    -difficulty attending
    -difficulty following directions 
    -difficulty remembering information 
    -difficulty reading and remembering what you read
    -difficulty writing 
    -difficulty with slurred speech 

    -difficulty word finding or having words 'stuck' in your head
    -difficulty with with thinking and decreased processing 
    -difficulty with social skills
    -disinterest in social activities/pursuits

    -executive functions difficulty (organizing, deducting, planning, sequencing)
    -feeling 'slowed down' or having 'brain fog' or being 'dazed'

    If so, speech and language services are probably appropriate for you! 


CLICK THE LINK below and complete the free screening tool. 

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