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Have you, a friend or a loved one been involved in a motor vehicle accident, workplace injury or personal injury ???

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Since your injury ... do you suffer from any of the following physical, emotional or cognitive communication differences below?

If you do, you should contact us today!









-noise intolerance/sensitivity

-vision sensitivity/changes to vision

-ringing in the ears/tinnitus

-trouble sleeping/increased sleeping 

-balance difficulties


Cognitive Communication 

-difficulty concentrating

-difficulty attending

-difficulty following directions 

-difficulty remembering information 

-difficulty reading

-difficulty writing 

-slurred speech 

-difficulty word finding

-decreased processing 

-difficulty with social skills

-disinterest in social activities/pursuits

-executive functions difficulty (organizing, deducting, planning, sequencing)

-feeling 'slowed down' or having 'brain fog' or being 'dazed'



-depression & low mood


-emotional lability/sadness

-increased anger

-increased or uncontrollable crying

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