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  - Providing the speech & language services & support that you deserve! -


We are an all inclusive practice that pride ourselves in bringing you flexible and accessible community based and virtual speech and language services by highly-trained and experienced Speech-Language Pathologists using the best available evidence with you as the patient directing your care to better achieve your goals. We are passionate about supporting under-served communities and people, people not receiving services that are on waitlists and bridging gaps in services. 


  • We believe that all patients deserve access to evidence-based, best-practice speech and language services to improve their health and happiness.

  • We believe that patients of all ages should be at the centre of their care so that their beliefs and values help to guide their care.

  • We believe that all patients should be helped in setting and achieving their goals for health and wellness. 

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  • Providing speech and language services for Children & Adults (birth to


  • Providing community based face-to-face & virtual services

  • We do NOT have a waitlist!

  • We are licensed to provide services in Ontario.

  • We support Indigenous Children and are a Jordan's Principle vendor. If your child is Indigenous and requires speech & language services contact us today!

  • We are an OAP Provider. Contact us today to learn about OAP Funding services.

  • We support Acquired Brain Injury & concussions.    

  • We are HCAI/FSRA registered and licensed and provide services for clients that have been in a Motor Vehicle Accident.

  • We are WSIB registered and licensed and provide services for clients that have workplace related injuries.

  • We are Blue Cross licensed and registered and provide services for Veterans

  • We provide receipts of payment to submit to healthcare benefit programs for reimbursement.

  • We provide both face-to-face and virtual services in Thunder Bay, Northwestern, Ontario and across all of Ontario.

   We will assist you in providing:

   1) A comprehensive and individualized assessment battery


   2) Unique one-of-a-kind treatment recommendations & program


   3) Access to referrals for inter-professional care:                         

        -Sports Medicine Physician
        -Occupational Therapy




        -Rehab/Personal Support Workers


    4) We provide:
        Return-to-Life plans
        Return-to-Work plans
        Return-to-School plans

   5) We support:

       -speech disorders

       -language disorders

       -cognitive communication disorders

       -dysphagia/swallowing disorders

       -Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)


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